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This website is dedicated to all the people who have even the slightest inkling of creativity who are willing to grow, learn, explore and share while creating beautiful gourd art.

The topics I will cover will include start to finish detailed steps of wood burned, painted and carved gourds. Each post will cover a different step in the process. I will cover basics such as choosing and cleaning gourds, design layout, burning and painting and also some more advanced techniques including embellishing, painting techniques, inlay, and carving. I will write about tools and supplies and where to find them and I will also cover the unavoidable mistakes and how to fix them.

I am aiming to post about every 2 weeks in the beginning while I get into the swing of things. More often if I just feel the urge to share some quick tips or if I can’t resist the need to share a photo or two of my super cute kitties and chickens. I do have a full-time job so that hinders my ability to write blogs more frequently.

The reason I am doing this blog and website is because I want to share my hard-learned techniques and experiences with everyone who is willing and eager to come along on this journey with me. I am certainly not a professional but I have learned to create some beautiful gourd art, if I do say so myself, and I know you can do the same.

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  1. Wow I feel i have met a soul mate =) (craft soul) Thank you for sharing your talent . I have a friend who just went out of business due to health issues, i have inherited a shed of seasoned gourds (happy dance) .


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