How to Transfer Design onto Gourd (#2 in series)

Gourd Design Transfer

How do you get a flat design onto a curved gourd? It seems like it would be fairly easy. But you don’t realize just how curved and 3-dimensional a gourd is until you actually try to lay that design on the gourd. The design becomes crooked, wrinkly and ends up in the wrong spot. Have … Read more

How to Layout your Gourd Design (#1 in series)

Carved gourd with flowers and insects

This is the first in a series of step-by-step tutorials on creating a beautiful piece of gourd art. The cover photo for this blog is similar to the gourd we will be creating. This gourd features a tall sunflower on one side, a few tulips on the opposite side and butterflies, dragonflies and a bee … Read more

Gourd Design Layout

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Figuring out the design and layout on your gourd can be one of the m­­­ost challenging aspects of the whole creation process. You probably have ideas swirling around in your head (and they always look great there!) or maybe you’ve seen other gourds and thought you might like to implement a couple of their design … Read more

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