Gourd Safety

Gourd safety equipment

Any time you are working with tools, chemicals or moldy gourds, safety is paramount. Along with the mold on the outside of the gourd, there is also mold and dried pulp on the inside. Stirring up this mold or dust from the pulp inside the gourd can be toxic and irritating to your eyes, nose, … Read more

How to Clean Gourds

how to clean moldy gourds

Ok, you have purchased some gourds. So many ideas are swirling through your head, you can hardly wait to sit down and create. Hold your horses. You still have another step before you can start playing! As gourds dry on the vine and even after they detach from the  vine, the moisture that is inside must … Read more

How to Purchase Gourds

Purchasing Gourds

If you are lucky enough to live within a day’s drive to a gourd farm, take advantage of it! If you can pick through the gourds and inspect them and imagine design ideas while seeing them in person you have a big advantage indeed. You can of course purchase gourds on-line and even specify shapes … Read more

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