Wood Burning Gourds

wood burning on gourd

When you are ready to purchase a wood burner, you will first need to do some homework. Get on Google or your favorite browser and search pyrography or pyroengraving or wood burning. Typing in “wood burning on gourds” will get you lots of information specific to gourds. That should keep you overwhelmed for a while. … Read more

How to Transfer Design onto Gourd (#2 in series)

Gourd Design Transfer

How do you get a flat design onto a curved gourd? It seems like it would be fairly easy. But you don’t realize just how curved and 3-dimensional a gourd is until you actually try to lay that design on the gourd. The design becomes crooked, wrinkly and ends up in the wrong spot. Have … Read more

Setting up your gourd work space

beautiful gourd art work space

There are a few basic things to consider before starting to work with gourds. First and foremost, do you have a fairly large table or workbench outside or in a garage or work room that you can comfortably spread your stuff out on? You will need good lighting and of course electrical outlet if you plan to use any power tools. … Read more

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