Cleaning the Inside of a Gourd (#6 in series)

Cleaning the inside of a gourd

How to clean the dried pulp out of a gourd Once you have cut the top off of your gourd, it is time for cleaning the inside of the gourd. Cutting open the gourd will reveal seeds, dried pulp and membrane and sometimes a shiny white foam-like substance. Sometimes the seeds will be loose and … Read more

Cutting open a gourd (#5 in series)

Cutting opena gourd

How to cut the top off your gourd: Cutting open a gourd is quick and easy with the right tools. Fortunately, you probably have at least the basic tools needed. How you cut open your gourd depends upon what you plan to do with the finished gourd. You may want a straight cut across the top, … Read more

Cleaning your gourd after wood burning (#4 in series)

Gourd Design Transfer

How to clean the residue off your gourd after wood burning. Now that your gourd has been wood burned, you are pretty anxious to clearly see it and admire it. The gourd however, probably has resinous residue along the wood burned lines and maybe some sticky tape residue and maybe even some glue (depending on … Read more